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Welcome to the Butch Network
You have found Butch in Vancouver,
Butch, himself.
Yup... it's me, Butch.

This domain is owned by Terry David Silvercloud
Terry David Silvercloud (Butch) is a reclusive artist
who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

He is a studio photographer (controlled lighting),
and an artist in oils, acrylics, alkyds, and resin paints.

He is represented, in Vancouver, by Harrison Galleries
Butch does not deal directly with clients
and does not accept commissions.

While Butch is not shy and he is quite friendly,
he doesn't much associate with anyone.

He can be very, very blunt, and does not suffer fools well.
Says what he means, and means what he says.

You will have to prove you are honest, sincere, kind, smart, creative, and care
about your body, and the planet.
Everyone else... don't waste his time... Butch is a busy person.

Butch is searching for an apprentice and FWB
Seriously... he is.

He is reclusive, not the social type, but definitely on the look for a FWB
If you think you are the guy... please get in touch... e-mail address is below.

This is Butch News on YouTube.

Butch keeps a number of blogs... links are at the end of the page.

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ButchNews on YouTube
Go direct to Butch News Channel on YouTube... click here

Butch maintains multiple YouTube Channels
and you may access all of them from ButchNews Channel.

The Butch Photo Stream on FLICKR.COM


Here's the deal...
I'm getting old and working hard on promoting myself as an artist.
I shoot tons of photos and I paint. I have an alter ego... BUTCH NAKED.
I try to post most of the photos I shoot to my FLICKR stream... no time to edit, nor correct.
Just everything, pretty much, that I shoot. This includes a lot of nude selfies of myself.
FLICKR allows you to set your comfort level, I believe, but if you are signed in to FLICKR
and allow restricted photos to show up... then expect to see me naked and with boners.
I don't care if you share photos of me... go nuts. You will have to use the download tool
that is on the lower right side of the image. You are welcome to share naked photos of me.
I make naked photos of myself available to encourage you to overcome silly hang ups about nudity
and the naked body... we are animal, in nature, get used to it and enjoy the human form.


BUTCH NAKED at Google Sites...
This is new as of 19 September, 2015.
I will ad more photos to it shortly...
I keep selected naked selfies of myself here, too.
You are welcome to copy or download nude photos of me.

For blog links, and more links to nude photos of me, scroll down.

Terry David Silvercloud (Butch) Art

Butch is represented, in Vancouver, by Harrison Fine Art Galleries,
located in Yaletown, at the corner of Smithe and Homer Streets, Vancouver.
Please direct all inquiries to the gallery.

New works will now be added to this portfolio...



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Blog links are at the end of this page.
Blog links are at the end of this page.

Butch was born in 1944 and
retired from commercial photography in 1996 (Old School).
Butch has put his attention into writing, the internet,
videography (YouTube) and painting, since retiring from work.

Below you will find links to web pages and sites
with tons of information about Terry David Silvercloud,
and his alter ego, Butch.
You will find contact info at the bottom of this page.

Scroll down for links and information.

Butch rarely posts to social media,

Terry David Silvercloud (Butch) is quite reclusive...
friendly, not the least bit shy... BUT
he considers much, if not most, of the human race
to be hopeless barbarians
who are extraordinarily ignorant, self centered, greedy animals.
The humans are destroying the planet,
and old Butchy poo is doing his best to save you all
from your stupidity.

Butch is a fairly straight acting gay man, a militant atheist,
very concerned about the planet and the environment.

Just so everyone is perfectly clear on the atheist thing.
Butch considers ALL religions to be an insidious evil
infecting the planet. Butch ridicules religions.
Get used to it... or start using your brains, or both.
Superstitions have no place in the intelligent mind.

If you are one of the many unfortunate humans
infected with religion, you can cure yourself.
Get off your lazy ass and learn about the source
material of your superstitions.
You have been brainwashed.

But most are too lazy, or stupid, or both,
to check out their fears and superstitions. I have no time
for such idiots. Are we clear now?
Your gods are not only pathetic psychopaths,
but completely imaginary.
You worship extraordinarily violent gods who don't even exist,
but you are so self centered and fearful for you own existence
you don't ask questions... you're an idiot if you don't ask questions.

Butch has a serious interest in sub-atomic physics.
He is very well versed in general science and physics, in particular.
His special interest is sub-atomic shapes, motion, and the
nature of the shapes and characteristics
of solids, liquids, and gasses.

I have been working on a paper which I will publish soon
explaining the cause of the speed of light... why light speed is what it is
and why. The explanation for light speed will not contradict quantum mechanics
nor will it affect the Standard Model Atom, however, it will ad a new particle
or, rather, define a particle which is suspected to exist and does.
I will also show you what Einstein forgot to consider when he proposed his relativity
and will present a new concept to you about relativity.
This page was updated 7 July 2015 and I hope to publish
the explanation for the speed of light by this fall.
Understanding how light works has caused me to suddenly see
how a few other things work, so I want to include that information too.

For what it's worth, Butch says the main characteristic
separating what we perceive to be solids, liquids, and gasses,
is the electronic shapes they have.
Those shapes are determined by the positions, and numbers,
of electrons, their spin direction, in the outer shells, in particular,
but the atoms and molecules can actually change shape, and do so
when they encounter frequencies in the wave lengths
that are extremely long, or short.
Physical heat occurs around 950 nano metres range
and wave lengths longer than that we
associate with cold, and shorter wave lengths
with "hot".

"Hot" is associated with high frequencies and short wave lengths.
All energy is trying to find rest... but can't, because it fundamentally
repels itself when "stable"... at rest. It can never come to rest... so it spins.
If it can spin fast enough, it can be 'here' and 'there' at the same time and not actually move.

Rest is an illusion. Energy at apparent rest, we call matter.

Ironically, spinning energy acquires duality... left, or right spin,
and material reality is the repercussion.

Heat is an illusion of high energy
and energy is always trying to come to rest... hot moves to cold.

The one micron wave-length is very critical...
as standing waves, that we perceive to be matter,
will be inclined to resonate with wave lengths of their own size (wave length)
and, should they be part of some kind of structure... such as a molecule,
then that resonating action must either tear the molecule apart, or it must adjust
to all that shaking... it gets hot... very hot. Eventually the adjustment will cause it
to change shape... become more spherical, or break up... or both.
You will think of this as fire... yup... stuff burns real good.

That barrier range of frequencies, what we call the 'light' spectrum' range,
wave lengths/frequencies at one micron,
is one of our best clues to the nature of reality
because shape shifting occurs in the one micron
wavelength zone. It can occur at the molecular level
too. It gets a bit shifty, sometimes, telling what's what.

Examine styrofoam, for instance. Seemingly a solid
but mostly just holes of air. Structure can form
incredible strengths while the molecular structure
might not be quite what the 'solid' seems to be.

There is an astoundingly simple general rule
which is accurate, so often, as to be true.
Atomic structures that form lattices... or have flat
electronic surfaces with distinct vertices,
are solids. Liquids are spheroids, while gasses are tori.
Semi solids, such as glass and ice, are pancake shaped...
flattened spheroids, or tori.
That is a bit of a generalization, but mostly accurate.
It varies with what we perceive to be temperature and pressure
and, ironically, they are closely related.

For something to seem to be material reality,
it must be able to exceed the speed of light and return
to where it was (started in space/time) before something traveling, at the
speed of light would reach the same other point.
This can be achieved by spin, and since, technically,
nothing physical actually seemed to go anywhere in time,
then, viewed with light speed energy, would appear to be
a solid (gas or liquid), or a standing wave of energy. We would call it matter.

It isn't all that hard to calculate how fast something
would have to move to be in the same place, at the same time
and that is the formula for the volume of a sphere
where the radius is the speed of light for any given
amount of time.
If we choose one second of time, then the formula for energy is
m=4/3 times (pi times the speed of light cubed)
Yup... Einstein was a bit off... way off.

But I digress. I'm a motormouth.

Anyhow, Butch's big goal in life is to show the stupid humans
that all motion is relative and
nothing EVER travels in a circle... ever.

In ABSOLUTE reality, all things move in helical motion,
trying to find rest. Nothing can ever come to rest
except as a relativity illusion.
When you arrive, you don't get to stay.

Butch says that the fundamental characteristic
of dark matter and energy is that it repels itself.
That is a good thing. It ensures reality can never end.

Be kind to the planet.
Get laid as often as you can, I encourage boys to masturbate often,
your hormones are making you do it and you won't feel that good
ever again. So beat that meat.
If you aren't circumcised, pull back your foreskin
regularly to train it to stretch,
and to keep yourself clean.

Be helpful to your community, and do unto others as you would wish
they would do unto you.
Remember... humans are animals. I wouldn't trust them, but
you can work things out if you work on it.

Nothing ever sits still. You moved more than 1/2 million kilometers
through space as you read that last sentence.
Time travel is impossible, warp drive is impossible,
worm holes are impossible. You are, indeed, part of a matrix
of a vibrating material we suspect exists and we call it dark matter.
But matter is nothingness, and the space "in between" is the actual somethingness.
It's complicated, but not so hard to understand once you grasp the idea.

The crash course: Dark Matter/energy is the real stuff
of reality and matter is actually 'holes' in dark matter...
the 'ball bearings' around which the 'universe' moves/revolves/fluxes etc.
but they have limits in size, so tend to form knots, chains,
or clusters to form yet larger 'bubbles'. It's not so
different than any kinds of 'bubbles' you see forming
in your dish pan or clouds in the sky (clusters of water vapour bubbles).
Electrons are a kind of spinning 'hole' in dark matter
while things like protons are just larger, but similar 'holes'
and all things are in balance with their wave lengths.

Nothingness has no resistance at all and what we perceive to be matter
are what we perceive to be as rapidly left, or right spinning 'holes'
that will have huge problems when the 'bubble' size exceeds one micron
at which point they break down or have to change state (solid/liquid/gass/plasma).

Einstein made a kind of error when he neglected absolute rest and motion.
If you read his theory, it should be evident, but most don't think
about those things and find it very confusing.
Butch was a naval navigator; a very good navigator.

While Butch says we should discard space/time, it can be useful
for some thought experiments.
Just remember, Newtonian physics is relativity bound
and keep in mind in what inertial arena (space/time field)
it is that you are doing your calculations.

Butch is an egocentric, self centered, bossy, arrogant,
self righteous person. Get used to it.
He talks a lot too. He isn't offended if you tell him
to shut up, because he doesn't care what you think, anyway.
Get it? The smart ones will.

Butch doesn't give a crap what you think.
He is a really nice person and likes to be around the same.
He's really trying hard to find somebody just like himself.
Or, a FWB will do.

Learn to agree to disagree with the idiots who surround you,
And learn how to be a critical thinker. It's an art
that can be learned.

Butch maintains a number of YouTube Channels.

His MAIN YouTube channel is

The Butch Photo Stream on FLICKR.COM

Butch wrote a book he didn't quite finish but
he has self published the manuscript.

The Shape Of God

The Shape Of God

Secrets, Tales, and Legends
Of the Dawn Warriors
as told by Silvercloud
13th Warrior
Trinity Service Group
The Clouds of God
(The Dawn Warriors)

You may read the entire book online,
Download the entire book for free
(it's a big file)
Click here to download
a free copy of The Shape Of God PDF file

at the link above
or download from DROPBOX here
It's a ZIP file so you just save it
to a drive (any drive) and read at
your leisure. Remember... it's a
VERY big book... about 300,000 words.
A zip file will look like a file folder
and clicking on the file folder will open the
file... you will need an up to date PDF reader
which comes with most computers.
or take your time with a hard copy

Purchase a hard copy... it's a big book


Or, you may read the book online, or download it,
for free at Google Books

Get to know Butch... visit his blogs.
Butch maintains several blogs listed below:

is an ART BLOG featuring the paintings of Terry David Silvercloud (Butch)

DavidSilvercloud.com... CLICK HERE

This is an INTIMATE BLOG where Butch shows his
very personal photography and video.
This blog is ADULT CONTENT and features Butch naked.



This blog is the more intimate Butch Blog
featuring his personal photography
including self portraits of Butch himself.
If you ever wanted to see Butch naked,
or his cock and balls,
or Butch jerking off and blowing his load,
then this is a blog you may like to visit.

Butch considers all of this part of his art,
so Butch with a boner,
fucking or being fucked,
sucking a guy off or being sucked off,
it's just another interesting thing
to photograph... and he does.

Butch identifies as 'queer'. Not a gay man. No interest in any
of the stereotype gay things or gay bars and clubs.
Butch likes young, fit, intelligent guys.
Butch tries to live his life with no fears, nor superstitions.
The stupid humans have, through religions and other silly ideas,
become ashamed of their bodies (small wonder)
and tons of problems arise from all the problems that come
with ignorance and suppressed sexual desires.


I rarely have sex with anyone at all... but I'm looking in hopes of finding the right person
I keep a personal at this site

Butch jerk off material... you are welcome to use it to jerk off to as well.





Butch is a recluse because he considers
most humans to be barbaric idiots.
He is interested in meeting intelligent,
open minded, younger,
creative guys for company
and always interested in younger, fit, slim,
cut (circumcised) guys who might like to model for his photography,
seriously interested in learning how to paint,
looking for a blow job, or company of someone older.
Seriously, Butch had some serious health problems there
for a long time, but found some good doctors a couple
of years ago this past June (2014) and he's
feeling upbeat and energetic and like his
old self again. Old and trying to keep busy.

Turns out old Butchy Poo had a serious hormone imbalance
problem but it is being treated with great success.
The cause is unknown, although Butch did have a very
serious fall around 2001 and suffered
serious neck, back, and head injuries.
And, for those who need to know such things,
Butch has always tested HIV-

Butch is a gay man and, yes, he has sex with guys,
both gay and straight. Butch is an atheist without superstitions
and other hang ups. Since he retired,
Butch is pretty reclusive but is open to friends with benefits.
He particularly likes sucking off circumcised
younger straight guys and has found most love it so long as
no one ever finds out. Don't be afraid to ask him.
Butch has learned you miss every opportunity you don't take.
Just do it.
Life is very short and goes by faster than you think it does.
Shine while you're here... you'll be dead in no time at all.

Butch dose not spend time online at cruising sites,
however, he does have profiles at Gay.com and Squirt.org
under the profile 'ButchButch' (butchbutch)
So, if you're looking for a blow job,
or to get fucked, that is a way to contact me, too.

Welcome to the Butch Network. Click on links to open windows
This domain name and others in the Butch Network are owned by Terry David Silvercloud (Butch).
If you want to take them over, make him an offer.

This is the homepage of Terry David Silvercloud (Butch)