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This is the HOME PAGE of BUTCH NAKED, himself.

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Photographs... click here.


I have zero inhibtions about nudity. Inhibitions inhibit you.
I don't do co-dependency... get used to it.
Photographs... click here.

My photo stream contains nude content.
If you wish to see me naked, that would be the place to go,
or, simply, do a search for "David Silvercloud naked"
or "David Silvercloud nude"
If you have issues with nudity, we aren't going to get along well.
I have, absolutely, zero issues with being seen naked, nor
with nude and/or sexually explicit photos of me being shared, widely, on the internet... go nuts.
I welcome the attention.
I paint in my old age... acrylic and oil/alkyds on canvas.
I show my work around Vancouver at different places and times.
If you wish to buy my work I usually have some available
and you can see what I'm up to at http://SeriousThunder.com
I don't do co-dependency nor conformity. Get used to it. I don't much give a crap what anyone thinks.
Seriously, and I mean SERIOUSLY... you MUST prove yourself to me.
I'm not noted for waiting up for those who don't wish to compete
and have little desire to socialize with most.

Welcome to the Butch Network
You have found Butch in Vancouver,
Butch, himself.
Yup... it's me, Butch.

This domain is owned by Terry David Silvercloud
Terry David Silvercloud (Butch) is a reclusive artist
who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

I'm one of those people who keep to themselves,
and rarely socializes with anyone.

I am a studio photographer (controlled lighting),
and an artist in oils, acrylics, alkyds, and resin paints.

I'm not shy and am quite friendly,
I just don't much associate with anyone.

I go by "Butch".
Butchy Poo can be very, very blunt, and does not suffer fools well.
Says what he means, and means what he says.

You will have to prove you are honest,
sincere, kind, smart, creative, and care
about your body, and the planet.
Everyone else... don't waste his time...
Butch is a busy person.

While I'm reclusive, I do maintain internet sites where you can see what I'm up to
and if I'm still above ground. I try to be useful to the planet and keep myself busy.
YouTube... ButchNews.com

Blog... DavidSilvercloud.com

Art Blog... my art... SeriousThunder.com

Butch does not post to social media.
I am not the least bit shy, but very reclusive.
You will have to prove yourself worthy of my company.
I won't wait up.

If you have no sense of humour,
you won't like Butch one little bit.
The smart people will understand.

Butch is a really, really nice person,
but has no time for fools nor idiots.

Planet Earth is in serious, serious trouble
and Butch is trying hard
to save your asses from a horrible future
that is coming our way...
because of human ignorance, stupidity, greed
or all of the above.

This is the home page of Terry David 'Butch' Silvercloud.

My name is Butch.

I was born in 1944 and served in the Royal Canadian Navy
as an officer in the submarine service.

While I had intended to become an engineering physicist,
life got in the way
and I followed a number of career choices
until I settled on high end
studio photography
and became a commercial photographer.

I retired in 1996 from photography and moved to Vancouver
to teach myself to paint and to work on personal projects...
mainly my photography and painting.

I always wanted to paint, and
have been teaching myself to paint since I retired.

You may see my art, and my personal blog at:


go direct at

I am a queer man with little interest in social activities.
I don't smoke, except pot, and don't drink, at all,
except for an odd glass of red wine,
now and then at a party or meal.
I have no interest in gay bars, nor clubs.
I live alone in South Vancouver
where I spend my time painting,
taking photographs...
many selfies these days,
and working on my paintings.
Socially, I have little or no interest
in women, and prefer the company of younger men.
My interests, aside from photography and art, are
in particle physics and theoretical cosmology.
I'm an atheist and consider all religions
to be extremely evil.

I put energy into debunking religions and
putting to rest the myth of a 'god'.

There is nothing more evil than religions... all of them.
I don't associate with people who follow a religion.

While I used to be very active online,
I no longer post to social media
but I do continue to maintain my main
YouTube channel at http://YouTube.com/ButchNews

Butch News (Go direct at http://ButchNews.com )

I also maintain a photo stream at


This photo stream contains nude photos of myself,
and other nude photos I have made over the years.
The nude photos will not show up
unless you sign in
and allow adult content to show up.
If you want to be around me you will have to grasp that I consider nudity all rather normal.
I advocate healthy living... eating properly
and maintaining an exercise regime throughout one's life.

I try to exercise daily and watch my calorie intake
and avoid many foods that are not healthy for me...
watching my fat and sugar intake, sugar being the danger food.

I have zero inhibitions regarding nudity
and try to promote both nudity and healthy living.
Humans seem to have a fear of their own bodies
that I don't understand... fear of nudity.
I also know that most people have a great interest
in nude bodies but won't express that in public.

So, I make my nude body available
for anyone who has a desire to see me.
You may access these photos at my photo stream.

All nude photos, of me,
are free to download
and use for art and personal projects.

The Speed of Light

What causes the speed of light?
What is the cause of the speed of light?

I maintain a science blog
where I express my ideas
on the cause of
the Speed of Light
and related physics at


The Shape of God

I maintain a site where you may read,
or download, a book I wrote called
"The Shape Of God" at this address...


Welcome to the Butch Network. Click on links to open windows
This domain name and others in the Butch Network are owned by Terry David Silvercloud (Butch).
If you want to take them over, make him an offer.

This is the homepage of Terry David Silvercloud (Butch)