Yup... dis must be the place, alright. Vancouver Visual Artist/Photographer
videographer, theoretical physicist, Terry David Silvercloud.
Butch, as he is known, is not your average pea in the pod.
Vancouver Visual Artist David Silvercloud, AKA Butch Naked.


Terry David Silvercloud, Butch himself, wearing a pair of ULTRA Golliath 2 Snow White Edition Sunglasses.
They are limited edition and available only from Vintage Frames Company in Montreal. About $550 if available, still.
ULTRA was a Dutch (Holland) company. You have seen these frames in other colours and a smaller version
in movies and TV. Circa 1977 was the peak of ULTRA. If you wanted BIG, these were your choice.


I paint in acrylics, oil and alkyd paints. Been teaching myself for the past 20 years
and I think I've got the hang of it now. Art is a hard sell, in these digital days.
My work is available for purchase, really cheap. Paint and canvas are so expensive

it's pretty much impossible to make any profit from painting. But you are welcome to buy my works.
It costs me anywhere from $50 to $100 to paint a small work (20x24 inches) and can cost me
several hundred dollars in paint and canvas to paint large works (3x4 foot and larger).
My main Art Site at is shutting down. The largest online art site in America is shutting down.
That's how difficult it is to sell paintings, these days. I'm working on my new site...

Painting by Vancouver Visual Artist Terry David Silvercloud.
#127 Acrylic on canvas, 36x48 inches. Hanging by the ATM at the Pain Society
on Commercial Drive, Vancouver. It used to be the background for photo ID
before legalization of pot. If you had a Pain Society Membership card,
this was the background image of your photo.
It is a quite heavy painting with many layers of colour, paste and gels.

Butchy Poo answers the REALLY BIG questions...
The Speed of Light is a repercussion of the properties of the Electron...
i.e. The Speed of Light is caused by the Electron.
The Electron has shape and occupies space. It is shaped like an Icosahedron.
The Electron is a spinning monopole which sets the speed of light.
Gravity is PUSH not PULL. Butch says so. Butch knows his stuff.
Butch talks physics on his YouTube Channel, ButchNews.


Click here for ButchNews at YOUTUBE

Terry David Silvercloud... aka "Butch"
Vancouver Visual Artist.

Butchy Poo, himself, age 73, at English Bay, Vancouver.
If you want me to take it all off... keep scrolling.
The world is a big, complicated and hopeless mess,
dying before our very eyes. We are, each of us, caught up
in a situation mostly beyond our control.
Global government and law are quite a few years away
with, most likely, several nuclear wars to come...
and the humans are too, too greedy to co-operate.
That said, I'm doing my best
to save the world, all by myself. You're welcome to join me.
Expect the unexpected. Be prepared.
I can be very blunt and don't tolerate boneheads well.
Butchy Poo tries to be nice but he has a temper.
Butch has NO desire to be here, he's just trying to be useful.

The joys of being old... wired for sound. I have Atrial fibrillation
and now take Beta Blockers.
Click on the photo, above, and I'll be naked.
That's what you are looking for, right?
More than 20 Million Photo Views of me nude
so I'm guessing my cock and balls are popular
even in my old age. Who knew?
So, let's get naked.
Links, below, will lead you to thousands of
nude and naked selfies of me, free to download and share.
Butch Naked is an Alter Ego of Terry David Silvercloud.
This is where David gets, completely, naked.

This is where I separate the could-have-beens and might-have-beens
from those who put there actions where their mouths are.

No time for boneheads and hypocrites.
Ya gots to walk the walk to keep up with me.
The planet is a hopeless mess and life isn't easy.
I don't have time to drag along the hopeless.

Death is NOT optional. We all die. The question is
"how much time do you have and what are you doing with it?"
Like... before it's all over, as in forever.
Life is hard for most and it's so hard to make a difference.
Since there is no way out of it, I try to enjoy it
as best I can while trying to be useful to the planet.

If you came here to see me naked, nude, or having sex,
This be the place you be looking for...

I have had millions of photo views of me naked, and counting...



Or... scroll down to the PHOTOGRAPHS links and follow instructions

Yes... this is
If you wish to see me naked, this is the right place to start.
My penis and testicles free for all to see and share.

I avoid inhibitions, they get in the way of progress.
I'm a quite sexual person and greatly enjoy sex.
I'm queer and fussy. I like fit younger guys with drive and ambition.
It's quite a bit more difficult to get it up in old age
but the desire is there and some days are better than others.

Old age sucks but whatta ya gonna do?
If my nudity is an issue for you,
you've got some maturing and growing up to do.
2019... I'm 74 years old... didn't think I was going to live this long.
So, I try to be useful each day... be productive.

For hundreds of nude selfies of me, go to the PHOTOGRAPHS links below.
You will have to sign in and allow adult content

or you can do a Google search for "David Silvercloud nude selfie"
or "David Silvercloud naked" and look under the images section.
You are welcome to download and share nude photos of me.
just scroll down and look for the PHOTOGRAPHS links.

There comes a great freedom when one loses idiot human inhibitions.
If the only or fastest way to get your attention is by getting naked... that's all rather easy.
I was born that way. And... inhibitions are just so inhibiting, I don't have the time.
Agree to disagree without fighting and we'll get along just fine, even if I don't like you.
So... you get the idea? I'm trying to be as blatently OPEN and HONEST as a human can be.
Quite literally, the naked truth, including my body... all of it.

The planet is dying. No time for wimps. We need heroes and bold leaders.
Follow me, sombody's got to do it.
Help save the planet from the boneheads, idiots,
and self-righteous hypocrites.

I'm into theoretical physics and have MY OWN opinions about EVERYTHING.
For the physicists, out there, I believe space is infinite and has always existed.
That is to say I don't believe in beginnings. It was always here.
To be blunt, BIG BANG THEORY is for non-thinking boneheads.
I said it, I mean it. Sheesh... what a ridiculous theory.

GRAVITY is PUSH not PULL. Gravity is an illusion of motion.
Absolute rest is not possible. All things are seeking absolute rest.
Thus the universe can never end.
I believe the universe is a very thin kind of gas called DARK MATTER
too, too small to detect with electrons.
Matter is folded space, as it were, developed by energy/matter accretion
and acts like objects following
the laws of flotation and bouyancy in that gasseous background of

Some words from Aristotle...

"We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

"It is the mark of an educated mind
to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."

"The whole is more than the sum of its parts."

(Phycisist, Nobel Prize winning)

“Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts".

I'm noted for my photography of male nudes.

Scroll down for links. Get to know Butch.

Terry David Silvercloud, Butch himself, at English Bay, Vancouver.

Quite friendly, very reclusive... doesn't much trust the humans,at all.

Butch likes to compare himself to Socrates
who's fellow citizens hated him so much they ORDERED him to KILL HIMSELF.
Didn't believe in the gods and asked too many questions.
Yup... democracy killed Socrates. Go figure.

I don't much care for politics nor politicians.
I vote for Green Party types.
I'm a physicist and have an innate understanding
of basic universe functioning.
I don't view reality as most do... I understand atoms and such.

Things like Relativity and Quantum Physics
are not all as complicated
as one might think. The math is REALLY hard,
but the concepts aren't if you set your mind to it.
Time is directly related to size.
It's a relative illusion of things
dependent upon how big you are.

The Speed of Light is not fast
when you realize it's only a bit less than
one foot per nano-second
and that's a long time if you live upon an atom.
Some heat waves (electromagnetic waves)
are nearly a centimetre long.
The radio waves in your microwave
are over 12 centimetres long.
I talk about these kinds of things on my YouTube Channel.

I'm very open about sex
but you can't talk about much of that on YouTube.
For instance, I encourage young men to masturbate,
it's healthy for the prostate.
Gee... and fun too. Great sex toys are now available
(TENGA Flip Hole used with KY Gel is great)

If you're married and not getting any, buy a TENGA Flip Hole.
They won't even allow ads on certain types of content... some of my videos.
I don't mean to be controversial... just very truthful.
I get naked not to be an exhibitionist
(well, all artists are exhibitionists)
but because I want to promote the beauty
of the naked human body and destroy fear of nudity.
Also to show you I try to stay in shape.
I practice what I preach. Exercise... it's good for you.
I don't embarass easily, and have no fear of being naked in public.

March, 2019.
"Butch" is an alter-ego of Vancouver Visual Artist Terry David Silvercloud.
He maintains this site while still above ground.
Butch is 74 years old.
Butch is an artist 24/7. Butch is the show. His life is one big art project.
Yup... it's me, Butch, himself.
If you're up to my speed you're welcome to keep up with me.
I welcome people who are curious and bold.
Yes, I'm queer and proud of it. Get used to it.
I have no shortage of self-confidence.
I don't do co-dependency. I won't enable your ignorance.
I can be really, really BLUNT. I don't do guilt.

"Butch Naked" is another alter ego of Butch, himself.
The fastest way to tell the wimps from the serious folk,
is to get naked. Bare it all... boners, too.
Scroll down to log in to my nude photos... me naked. Free to share.
Yes you may download and share nude photos of me... go nuts.
Sex is part and crucial to human nature.
Sex education is critical to human development.
Why would you have shame of your penis or vagina?
Most humans have no knowledge how to care for their bodies
and there are a lot of bad examples of human bodies out there.
Your body doesn't look after itself, you must nurture it.
The serious humans will totally 'get it'.
WHAT, exactly, are you doing with YOUR life?
Scroll down for links to my Butch life.

Scroll down...

This is the HOME PAGE of BUTCH NAKED, himself.
This is where you will find links to tons of hi-res photographs
of David Silvercloud completely naked,
free to download and share. Go nuts.

Butch, that's me,
is 74 years old (75 in Oct. 2019)
a miltant atheist
and considers planet Earth to be
a living hell overun by extraordinarily ignorant, selfish,
almost barbaric, hominoids called humans.

Life is a kind of living Hell... then you die.
I'm just trying to be helpful and survive it all,
and contribute as best I can.

I thought I would become a painter when younger.
Not a great plan.

In my old age I'm painting (oil and acrylic on canvas)
and trying to get better at it.
I had set out to be an engineering physicist.
Who knew life would get in the way?

Photography got me through much of my life.
I've done magazine cover kind of work.
I'm pretty good at it (photography),
now that I know what I'm doing.
I've done commercial work
but my love is male nudes.
I keep to myself.

I like to promote the nude body,
including my own to prove I mean it.
I try to encourage exercise and good diet habits.
Exercise... no pain, no gain.
You have a LOT of control over your hormone driven body.

As for my hatred of ALL religions...
You don't need a religion to be a good, caring,
selfless, and useful human being.
I hate religions... ALL of them.
Religions are the epitome of evil upon Earth.
Religions promote superstitions, fear and intolerance.
Religions are evil, evil, evil.
I can't say it enough.

The planet is a hopeless mess and
I'm doing my best to save it, all by myself.
Definitely a bit of a loner,
not the socializing type, and rarely drink.

I prefer the company of younger men
who have some purpose going on in their lives,
and keep physically fit. No pain, no gain.

I'm queer and don't fit in well with gay people, either.
I try to be nice,
but keep to myself.
A FWB would be nice but I don't have any.

In my old age I realize that,
no matter how rich one is,
nor how famous or powerful, one can't
change the world single handedly.
But united minds can reach a critical mass to effect change.

It takes, at least, 10% of a population to effect change...
or get it rolling so it can't be stopped.
I would like to save this horrific planet
from human destruction,
but don't quite know how.
I'm giving it my best shot.

A fast way to get a feel for what I'm about
is to check out my YouTube channel.
Or, if all you want is to see me naked,
go to the photograph links.
Tons of naked selfies, of me,
you may download and share.

Nude photos of me are FREE to download and share.
If you want a hi-res photo of me naked with a boner,
and not have to sign in, anywhere...

well, here's an anonymous download link.
You can save it after it opens
by doing a right click and "save as"

David Silvercloud naked with a boner...

Click Here... for me naked with a boner.

Getting naked is about as personal
as I can think to get and that's what most want to see.

You may find some information, about me, in the City of Vancouver Archives.

YouTube... click here.

Butch News is my main YouTube channel. See me almost live and in person.

MY ART... click here.

April, 2019... this is my brand new art site. I hope to get it up with photos by the end of April.
YES, my paintings are for sale. Cheap... buy one.
I paint to get better at it, and sell at cost of canvas, paint and other required materials... gels, etc.

The Shape of God... click here.

What is real? What is life about? Does "God" exist?

Butch is a Dawn Warrior. Wut? I follow the rules for Warriors you will find in the manuscript
of my book, "The Shape of God, Secrets, Tales and Legends of the Dawn Warriors.
You may download a PDF copy of the book, for free, or purchase a hard copy.

The Skull and Bones are those of Jacques De Molay,
Grand Master of the Knights Templar.
Roasted alive upon a bed of hot coals
by King Phillip IV, of France and his puppet Pope, Clement V.
19 March, 1314, seven years after being arrested,
Yup... Friday the 13th comes from the day the Templars were arrested.
Look it up. Butch bares it all... remember? Da truth can't hide.
Nothing but the naked truth to be found here.
I don't give a crap what you think, or believe.
I know wut's wut. I encourage you to check out every single thing I tell you.

What is the cause of
The Speed of Light?


What causes
and sets The Speed of Light?

To be brief... The Speed of Light is set by the physical characteristics
of the baryon/particle we call the Electron. It displaces space/time
and follows the laws of flotation and buoyancy where there is no up, nor down.
Gravity is PUSH, not pull and is a result of the Electron's physical volume
and monopole characteristics. They REPEL each other. Electron's PUSH each other away,
DISPLACE each other, causing GRAVITY. Electrons set the speed of light and gravity.

Photographs... click here.

My photo stream contains nude content.
Click on link, above or below (two different streams), and sign in to
25.7 Million Photo views as of March, 2019.
Many hundreds of nude selfies of myself and other photos,

In 2015 I began documenting my nude and sexual body taking naked selfies.
I was 70 years old and trying to stay in shape so I thought it would be
neat to do nude selfies. Be a totally naked, sexual, male nude old man.
Naked old man selfies, as it were.
Although I uploaded more than 40,000 photos, the
new will allow only 1,000 to show up, starting shortly (2019).
It's a free account and that's the limit for free.
I don't plan to pay to give away my photos.
If you wish to see me naked, that would be the place to go,
or, simply, do a search for "David Silvercloud naked selfie"
or "David Silvercloud nude selfie" or "Terry David Silvercloud naked selfie" etc.
100% high resolution, free nude selfies of me to download and share... go nuts.

If you have issues with nudity, we aren't going to get along well.
I have, absolutely, zero issues with being seen naked, nor
with nude and/or sexually explicit photos of me being shared
widely, on the internet... go nuts.
I welcome the attention.
I get totally naked to show you
that I have set myself free of human idiocy and inhibitions.
I'm being as open as I know how to be.
This is me, free from giving a crap what anyone thinks.
I don't do social media such as Facebook or Twitter, etc.
I don't text.
I consider social media to be cesspools of co-dependent behaviour
and bring out the worst in people too much of the time.
I feel no need to be part of the herd.
I live apart from that...
The Lyon and the Cub

and allow adult content to see me naked.
Both photostreams are full (at their limits)
so no new photos are being added (Jan., 2019)

FREE to download and share.

I have zero inhibtions about nudity. Inhibitions inhibit you.
I'm a motor mouth and never stop talking but, otherwise, am user friendly.
I don't do co-dependency... get used to it.
You're allowed to have your own opinion, which may differ from mine.
Photographs... click here.

I paint in my old age... acrylic and oil/alkyds on canvas.
I show my work around Vancouver at different places and times.
If you wish to buy my work I usually have some available
and you can see what I'm up to at

I don't do co-dependency nor conformity. Get used to it.
I don't much give a crap what anyone thinks.
I'm a physicist. My view of reality is deep. Life is short.
The planet is GROSSLY overpopulated.
We need to lose, at least, three billion people
as quickly as possible.
Since humans are greedy, self-interested animals,
nature, and wars, will soon sort things out.
Mass starvation is hugely possible
and imminent.
You can learn to do little things like re-cycle your garbage
and don't have children. We don't need more babies.
Continuous growth is a ponzi scheme and the children
will inherit the mess. The mess has arrived.
Seriously, and I mean SERIOUSLY... you MUST prove yourself to me.
I'm not noted for waiting up for those who don't wish to compete,
or won't work to save the planet from the A-holes.
I have little desire to socialize with most.
Remember, I'm quite friendly,
not the least bit shy, quite sexual,
and open about nudity and the human body.
I like theoretical physics and stuff like that.

Welcome to the Butch Network
You have found Butch in Vancouver,
Butch, himself.
Yup... it's me, Butch.

This domain is owned by Terry David Silvercloud
Terry David Silvercloud (Butch) is a reclusive artist
who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

I'm one of those people who keep to themselves,
and rarely socializes with anyone.

I am a studio photographer (controlled lighting),
and an artist in oils, acrylics, alkyds, and resin paints.

I'm not shy and am quite friendly,
I just don't much associate with anyone.

I go by "Butch".
Butchy Poo can be very, very blunt, and does not suffer fools well.
Says what he means, and means what he says.

You will have to prove you are honest,
sincere, kind, smart, creative, and care
about your body, and the planet.
Everyone else... don't waste his time...
Butch is a busy person.

While I'm reclusive, I do maintain internet sites where you can see what I'm up to
and if I'm still above ground. I try to be useful to the planet and keep myself busy.

Butch does not post to social media.
I am not the least bit shy, but very reclusive.
You will have to prove yourself worthy of my company.
I won't wait up.

If you have no sense of humour,
you won't like Butch one little bit.
The smart people will understand.

Butch is a really, really nice person,
but has no time for fools nor idiots.

Planet Earth is in serious, serious trouble
and Butch is trying hard
to save your asses from a horrible future
that is coming our way...
because of human ignorance, stupidity, greed
or all of the above.

This is the home page of Terry David 'Butch' Silvercloud.

My name is Butch.

I was born in 1944 and served in the Royal Canadian Navy
as an officer in the submarine service.

While I had intended to become an engineering physicist,
life got in the way
and I followed a number of career choices
until I settled on high end
studio photography
and became a commercial photographer.

I retired in 1996 from photography and moved to Vancouver
to teach myself to paint and to work on personal projects...
mainly my photography and painting.

I always wanted to paint, and
have been teaching myself to paint since I retired.

I am a queer man with little interest in most social activities.
I'm single and live alone.
I don't smoke, except pot, and don't drink, at all,
except for an odd glass of red wine,
now and then at a party or meal.
I have no interest in gay bars, nor clubs.
I live alone in South Vancouver
where I spend my time painting,
taking photographs...
many selfies these days,
and working on my paintings.
Socially, I have little or no interest
in women, and prefer the company of younger men.
My interests, aside from photography and art, are
in particle physics and theoretical cosmology.
I'm an atheist and consider all religions
to be extremely evil.

I put energy into debunking religions and
putting to rest the myth of a 'god'.

There is nothing more evil than religions... all of them.
I don't associate with people who follow a religion.

If you want to be around me
you will have to grasp that I consider nudity all rather normal.
I have no inhibitions talking about sex.
I advocate healthy living... eating properly
and maintaining an exercise regime throughout one's life.

I try to exercise daily and watch my calorie intake
and avoid many foods that are not healthy for me...
watching my fat and sugar intake, sugar being the danger food.

Just so we are perfectly clear...
I have ZERO inhibitions regarding nudity
and try to promote both nudity and healthy living.
Humans seem to have a fear of their own bodies
that I don't understand... fear of nudity.
I also know that most people have a great interest
in nude bodies but won't express that in public.
There are many, many lonely people out there
who would like to see me nude.
So, I make my nude body available,
boners and all,
for anyone who has a desire to see me.
You may access these photos at my photo stream.
Look for PHOTOGRAPHS link, above.
All nude photos, of me,
are free to download, share and post anywhere,
and use for art and personal projects.

Planet Earth is grossly overpopulated. As of Feb. 2019, we have about
If you crunch the numbers... do the math, you will find that, at best,
YOU have only about 300 feet by 300 feet of land to call your own.
There are, upon the useable and habitable lands of Earth, already about
50-90 people per square kilometre. There are too many people
for too few resources. Continuous growth is a ponzi scheme which
MUST collapse. The future is gonna be a whole new ball game.
Earth is a perfect hell.

Besides photography and painting, I also make videos for YouTube.
Too many to post here, but check out my channels.
Here is something to relax your brain...


I'm kinda like the teenager who forgot to grow up. I'm a regular motor-mouth
who never seems to shut up. It's OK to tell me to take a break... I know I'm a bit OCD.
I find people my age (I'm 74) are quite hopeless, most of the time... don't 'get me' at all.
That's OK. Life is lonely but I get by. I get along best with young guys who have a
sense of adventure and don't fear the world. Risk takers I call them. I'm a risk taker.
"Only those who will risk going too far
can possibly find out how far one can go." T.S. Eliot.
You'll be dead in no time at all. This life has no meaning except what you give it...
then you're gone... as in FOREVER,

Below... a day in my life.
I spend my days, alone, working on my art
exercising... I have severe arthritis
but am in pretty good shape.
I'm just keeping busy in my old age.
I'm, quite simply, not quite like
the average old fart, out there. I live in South Vancouver,
Marpole, we call it. Cheapest rent in Vancouver, proper.
I live near a train to downtown station... 15 minutes,
by train, to downtown, from the station.
Take a ride, with me, down to Granville Island and back to my home.
Hit the PLAY button, below. Get ready to dance.

Welcome to the Butch Network. Click on links to open windows
This domain name and others in the Butch Network are owned by Terry David Silvercloud (Butch).
If you want to take them over, make him an offer.

This is the homepage of Terry David Silvercloud (Butch)