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Paintings for sale by Terry David Silvercloud.

Yup... it's me, Butch.

Yup... dis must be the place, alright. Vancouver Visual Artist/Photographer
videographer, theoretical physicist, Terry David Silvercloud.
Butch, as he is known, is not your average pea in the pod.
Vancouver Visual Artist David Silvercloud, AKA Butch Naked.
Home Page is at

Butchy Poo is kinda reclusive. Tries to be polite, and nice
but is not quite like most people. Yup... he's different, all right.


Life is a meaningless fight for survival, and then you are dead.
The only value this life has is what you contribute.
And, remember, you'll be dead, really, really soon.
I'm not looking for friends, I'm searching for allies.
I'm well aware that I'm not like most people.
I'm a Socrates kind of person... talking endlessly,
asking the questions nobody has the guts to ask...
with answers you don't want to hear.

Everybody wants you to speak honestly... until you actually do.
I can be really, really blunt.

The future has arrived. It's not pretty.
Life, as we knew it, is over. Seriously OVER.
You have some work ahead of you to survive it all.
Me, I'm old and will be out of here, shortly.
Good luck, you're going to need it.
I wrote a book. Doesn't everyone? The Shape of God

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Welcome to the Butch Network
You have found Butch in Vancouver,
Butch, himself.

I don't do Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
I don't do co-dependency because those platforms are cesspools of co-dependent behaviour.
And, also,... who has the time? Sheesh. I've got a life to live and it's getting shorter, really fast.
Neither do I text. Talk to me or just go away... far, far away would be good.

I learned, a long time ago, that I simply don't much fit in with most people.
Yup... I'm a weirdo and I know it. So what? You need people like me
to make this horror show of a life a bit of fun and exciting.

I don't bite but my bark can be very loud.
If you know what a Parton is, we can talk. I'll know you know the important stuff.
That's my test question... "What is a Parton?"
Seriously... you don't know enough to know enough, pour moi, unless you know that one.
The level of Physics that is of interest to me. But don't give up.

Never give up. I'm still working on the mathematical probability of self evolving intelligence.
The math seems to indicate, in an infinite reality, that is has no choice BUT to evolve... and exist.
The BIG question is WHY? Is there really any point to this madness called life?
And... if you go on about a 'god' I'll know you're an idiot.

The point is, in the Law of Large Numbers a lot of things become possible
and need not, seemingly, have any reason other than "to be".
Time is an illusion of physical size and change/motion.
Time has no choice but to exist... but it is relative to physical size.
In the REALLY BIG scheme of things... you barely exist, at all.

You are a momentary flash in time whose meaning is what you give it.
As a Scientist and Physicist, I'm more than certain that
the universe is unfolding exactly as it should and must and
what will be will be when the time and place are right.

I'm here to make you do some serious thinking.
When I was 19 years old, I went to Officer School in the Canadian Navy.
There was a large sign above the main entrance. It said "FOLLOW ME".
You'll find me at the front of things.

This is

Where did the universe come from?    What causes the Speed of Light.

This domain is owned by Terry David Silvercloud
Terry David Silvercloud (Butch) is a reclusive artist
who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

I'm one of those people who keep to themselves,
and rarely socializes with anyone.

I am a studio photographer (controlled lighting),
and an artist in oils, acrylics, alkyds, and resin paints.

I'm not shy and am quite friendly,
I just don't much associate with anyone.
I have found the average person knows very, very, very little
of anything about anything. Not a clue what reality is all about.
I'm into theoretical physics which makes other humans seem
too lacking in the most fundamental of fundamental things.
Also, I'm old and have been around, as it were.
Been there, done that kind of thingee.
Also... and this is a BIG one, no time for hypocrites,
nor judgemental fools... self-righteous morons.
I did mention I can be blunt, didn't I?

I go by "Butch".
Butchy Poo can be very, very blunt, and does not suffer fools well.
Says what he means, and means what he says.

You will have to prove you are honest,
sincere, kind, smart, creative, and care
about your body, and the planet.
Everyone else... don't waste his time...
Butch is a busy person.

It's NOT a contest, between us, but you have to meet MY standards.
YUP... I said it, I mean it.

While I'm reclusive, I do maintain internet sites where you can see what I'm up to
and if I'm still above ground. I try to be useful to the planet and keep myself busy.

Butch does not post to social media.
I am not the least bit shy, but very reclusive.
You will have to prove yourself worthy of my company.
I won't wait up.

If you have no sense of humour,
you won't like Butch one little bit.
The smart people will understand.

Butch is a really, really nice person,
but has no time for fools nor idiots.

Planet Earth is in serious, serious trouble
and Butch is trying hard
to save your asses from a horrible future
that is coming our way...
because of human ignorance, stupidity, greed
or all of the above.

Visual Artist Terry David 'Butch' Silvercloud.

My name is Butch.

If you choose to attempt to know me,
You will have to accept that you will be tested.

I take a bit of getting used to.

Seriously, this is no joke...
You MUST prove yourself to me.
I really, really don't give a crap what others think of me.

I don't do co-dependency... don't waste your time.

I was born in 1944 and served in the Royal Canadian Navy
as an officer in the submarine service.

While I had intended to become an engineering physicist,
life got in the way
and I followed a number of career choices
until I settled on high end
studio photography
and became a commercial photographer.

I retired in 1996 from photography and moved to Vancouver
to teach myself to paint and to work on personal projects...
mainly my photography and painting.

I always wanted to paint, and
have been teaching myself to paint since I retired.

Earth is a perfect hell.

Besides photography and painting, I also make videos for YouTube.
Too many to post here, but check out my channels.
Here is something to relax your brain...


I'm kinda like the teenager who forgot to grow up. I'm a regular motor-mouth
who never seems to shut up. It's OK to tell me to take a break... I know I'm a bit OCD.
I find people my age (I'm 74) are quite hopeless, most of the time... don't 'get me' at all.
That's OK. Life is lonely but I get by. I get along best with young guys who have a
sense of adventure and don't fear the world. Risk takers I call them. I'm a risk taker.
"Only those who will risk going too far
can possibly find out how far one can go." T.S. Eliot.
You'll be dead in no time at all. This life has no meaning except what you give it...
then you're gone... as in FOREVER,

Below... a day in my life.
I spend my days, alone, working on my art
exercising... I have severe arthritis
but am in pretty good shape.
I'm just keeping busy in my old age.
I'm, quite simply, not quite like
the average old fart, out there. I live in South Vancouver,
Marpole, we call it. Cheapest rent in Vancouver, proper.
I live near a train to downtown station... 15 minutes,
by train, to downtown, from the station.
Take a ride, with me, down to Granville Island and back to my home.
Hit the PLAY button, below. Get ready to dance.

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This domain name and others in the Butch Network are owned by Terry David Silvercloud (Butch).
If you want to take them over, make him an offer.

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