In my experience, people who
are uptight about nudity
are the boneheads, jerks
and morons on the planet.
The dumbest of the dumb,
the most stupid of the stupid
the most self-righteous creeps
that exist...
the true A-holes on the planet.
I do my best to avoid them.

Wreck Beach, Vancouver, Canada.
A legal (CLOTHING OPTIONAL)nude beach.

485 steps up/down a cliff from Marine Drive at U.B.C
(University of British Columbia. Take 99BLine or R4 Rapid Bus)
Walk 1/4 mile south to Marine Drive and Trail 6.
Little parking along Marine Drive. Walk East from main beach
to reach the Oasis... a nude gay beach.
Beaches are patroled by Park Officials and RCMP.
Pot is legal in B.C., Drinking in public isn't.
Keep the booze out of site.

Wreck Beach photo

The famous nude Wreck Beach
is only about 10% nude these days).
A hot sunny day will see about 1,500 people there
and a few hundred will be naked.

Non-binary covers anyone who isn't 100% heterosexual

The millenials and under 20's
are afraid of their naked bodies...
and the word "gay".

Call them ANYTHING except "gay".

The younger folk will identify
as anything... except "gay",
and live with their parents
until age 30, it seems.
They wouldn't be caught
naked at a nude beach.
In fact, they will go
to a nude beach and
be so f**king rude
as to remain clothed.

and proud of it.
and find the term
non-binary a bit silly.

The point is, the term
non-binary is
a cop-out for wimps
and poorly educated people
who like to sound sophisticated...
and don't have the balls
to call themselves gay, queer, bi-sexual etc.
That's MY opinion and I'm sticking with it.

If you're the type
to go to a nude beach
and not get naked
I want NOTHING to do with
you, your friends, and little dog too.
Get out of my life and
stay out... as in forever.
I have NO TIME for morons,
idiots, goofs, boneheads etc.

Proud to be queer... (a non-binary male)
and no shame about being naked...
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Share my naked body everywhere...
free nude photos of me.

I can't wait... show me David's dick and balls.

David Silvercloud naked.

All nude photos of me
are FREE to download and share... go nuts.
More than 10,000 nude selfies
of me from 2015-18
Post my naked body everywhere. Go nuts.
Feel free to post my name
to my nude body.\
I have no shame about nudity.

If you have a great body, and live in Vancouver,
I might be willing to do nude photos
of you and give you a digital file.
Get in touch.

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If you like this site, please tell your friends
to visit here... ButchNaked.com or ButchBoard.com
They are the same place. Thanks.
All nude photos of me are free to download and share.
Butch does not do social media... cesspools of co-dependency.
Butch does not do co-dependency.

......Ain't nothing gonna happen if you don't try to make it happen......
Somebody has to take charge. It might as well be you.
The planet is a hopeless mess, overrun by well-intentioned idiots.
I'm doing my best to save the planet all by myself.
You're welcome to join me.
I enjoy being in charge, being the boss.
You'll get used to it... or not.
Oh... and I have zero shame about nudity and sex.

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Butch, himself...

Queer Vancouver Visual Artist
Terry David Silvercloud, Butch himself.

Butch is queer... not a gay stereotype
but a straight-acting guy not into bars, clubs etc.
trying to change the world all by himself.
Says what he means
and means what he says.
There are no sacred cows at this web address.
Anything, and everything, is up for conversation.
Free yourself of your inhibitions.
This is the first day of the rest of your life,
which may be long, or short. Start living like there is
no tomorrow, nor forever.

You may contact me at this address.

Be not afraid... video

Click link for a cool mix to sooth your shattered brain.

I am the show. I am the art... 24/7.
Saving the planet one piece of art, at a time.

SEPTEMBER, 2020. We are all caught up in the COVID-19 Epidemic.
I'm reclusive but you may send me mail. I check it often.
I'm well. Wash your hands often. This is me... April, 2020.
I love sex and like to ejaculate often... every day if I'm not too tired.
There is a link, in the Quick Menu, to me fucking a Flip Hole
which you may view and download...
(David Silvercloud Sex Tape Links at DropBox)
Yup... me having sex, free to view and download.

I recommend the TENGA FLIP HOLE
The newest version is called the Flip Hole Zero.


Very realistic sex. Use KY Gel
to lubricate the hole. Find them online or your nearest sex toy store.
Lube and lean against your bathroom sink counter for great stand up sex.
Wash with hand soap and warm water after you blow your load.
Prepare the toy with hot water to warm and soften
ad KY gel, bang your brains out. Very realistic.
A good time to shower, too.

The summer of 2020 has been a strange one.
BLACK LIVES MATTER and COVID-19 have been the news.
Who will police the police?
The colour of one's skin and one's sexual identity
are the variety of flavours one finds in humans.

Here I am, August, 2020, at English Bay, in Vancouver.
We have lots of beaches including a nude beach.

Yup... old man in a bikini. Me at age 75.
I'm 6' 2.5", 193lbs. Wearing CheapUndies.com brand bikini.

Do I work out? I have two 8lb. dumbells I use for my arms and shoulders.
I touch my toes about 30-50 times.
Severe Arthritis keeps me from doing sit-ups or squats.
I do that six times a week... take Sunday off. I walk a lot.

2020, the year of COVID-19
We had a cool spring and the sun didn't come out until mid July,
but I've been to the nude beach a few times and down
to English Bay and Second Beach a few times.
Old age totally sucks but what ya gonna do?

Me, Butch himself,this past April, 2020.

Me this past April, 2020.
This style of bikini is made by Pikante.
Sometimes called a "cock sock" they are very comfy.

I'm keeping busy working on my painting skills and
making a video, from time to time.
Haven't been doing naked selfies for a while.
This is my cute new tripod. My last one was stolen
and I lived quite a while without one.
I, highly, recommend the use of a tripod.


Me, Terry David Silvercloud, 3 May, 2020, wearing a Pikante Brief Bikini.
The COVID-19 stay-at-home restrictions aren't fun. I keep busy watching TV
working on my painting (art) skills, and I pleasure myself, most days, with my sex toy,
a TENGA FLIP HOLE. They have a new model, the model ZERO.
I'm looking forward to trying the newest version.
A pleasure available to both rich and poor.
I'm 75 but still enjoy sex often... every day is good.
Yup... stay in shape, as best you can, and have sex often,
it's good for you.

This was supposed to be the "Summer of George". Oh well, poop happens.

Below... me, 15th May, 2020. I'm 6' 2.5", 205 pounds. I wear XL most brands.
My tool is 6.5" to 7" hard, about 1.5" diam. (size of toilet paper roll).

This style of bikini is made by GMW Lite. The skimpiest of the skimpy.
They went broke
but some Eastern European sites still have them.
Expect 10 week delivery times from Poland.

Looking to see me naked? Click here.

I really, really, don't care who sees me naked.
It shakes the hypocrites and boneheads out of my life.
I'm old and busy. I'll be dead in no time, at all.
I've got stuff to do.
No time for the lazy nor brain-dead stupid.

If you find me a bit, uhm... "unusual", I wouldn't expect anything less.

I like people who have a sense of adventure
and who aren't, easily, offended.
I'm an atheist. I ridicule all religions, equally.
I consider them to be abhorrently evil. Can't say it enough.

I can be very, very BLUNT.

People want me to be honest then freak out when I am.

You had best be familiar with the concept of an "adult conversation".
You should understand the concept of
"fallacy of ambiguity"/"Fallacies of Ambiguity"
and of "False Equivalencies".
I don't fall for either of them.

I get a might peeved when people twist the words and the meanings
of things they either don't understand, or do so deliberately
to fool, or intimidate others... the, uhm... "less than bright".

People with poor grammar and/or reading/listening comprehension skills
will, quite often, not understand what they have heard, or read, and
are, often, given to changing the entire meaning of what they thought
they had seen, heard, or read. And they, usually, speak without thinking first.
False equivalencies arise and spread.

Such people, often, don't grasp that stating the obvious...
stating an obvious fact, or observation, is NOT a solution to anything,
particularly to a problem at hand.

Anyone can be, and often is, "Captain Obvious".

Hypocrisy doesn't wash with me. Nor self-righteousness.
I won't tell you what to do, nor will I pass judgements...
but my advice is worth a listen.

I have come to realize, and accept, that we are hormone driven
biological machines. Our hormones direct our bodies.
Ask any woman going through her difficult time of the month...
or, maybe stay clear and polite until it's over.

The king of hormones, for boys, is testosterone.
Without it, little Joey will not be a happy boy.
Levels will be very high from age 15 to 25 then decline.

I encourage boys to masturbate. It's good for your system.
Feel no guilt. Seriously, it's good for you.
Don't try to stop it coming out... the squirt-squirt, once it starts.
Don't block the squirt with a finger or pressure.
That's bad for you.. the backwards pressure.
Let it do the squirt-squirt and enjoy the ride.

Don't leave a mess. You can have a bedroom towel.
It's safe to eat.

What else?

I try to be respectful to everyone who is respectful to me.
I vote GREEN. I'm an atheist. A social democrat type.
I don't much like politics but somebody has to do it.
I try to be nice but my political correctness levels are flexible.

I believe drug addictions should be treated as an illness
and heavy users should be provided with safe, cheap drugs
of the nature they require to be useful human beings
and get on with a life.
Also, it would put the illegal drug trade out of business.

In Canada, you have no right to a home nor shelter and
it's illegal to sleep on public property.

Technically, homeowners don't really "own" their land,
just certain rights called, in law, "The Bundle of Rights".

In Canada, the government owns all the land, in the name of the Queen.
One may purchase certain rights to it.
But, just because you "own it" doesn't mean you have a "right" to stay.

Pretty shameful, really, that there are homeless on our streets.
Everyone deserves
a safe, warm place to call home. There is no excuse,
of any kind, for people to have to live on the streets
or in parks. So... why is it happening?

I believe in a guaranteed minimum income.
Things like unemployment insurance and welfare would be obsolete
since, working or not, every adult would have a minimal income,
and a right to safe, warm, clean shelter.

Social Housing would not be required but subsidized housing would exist.
Except for those below the minimum income level, EVERYONE would pay
a minimum of 1% in income tax. There would be zero exemption from the rule.
Everyone would pay sales tax and no rebates would be given...
rather, the guaranteed income would be higher because of this rule.

The market is better able to control housing than government
so long as there is a fair playing field and incentives to build.
Governments are really, really bad at business and finances.
Private enterprise works better in those areas of endeavour.

Those people classified as unfit to care for themselves
would be provided for by government agencies and housing.

I like structure, organization, and teamwork.

I believe in population control and those who choose to parent
would require courses and permits. Childcare would be universal and free.
But... you might require a license to have children.
That's how I see it.

Canada claims to be a secular country but includes some superstitious being
called "God" in their National Anthem. Shameful, really. Gods in an anthem.
Shows to go you the level of intelligence of the people.
They're easily duped and prey to any number of schemes.
Prize pickings for any smart dictator.

The Lyon and the Cub

No time for boneheads, and zero tolerance for bullies.
We all find our level of social balance with others.

I won't enable your delusions, nor superstitions, nor ignorance.
Seriously, I don't do co-dependency.

I don't do guilt nor hold anyone in guilt.
I don't do blame, nor hold people in blame.

I don't bully nor try to destroy anyone's self-esteem.
I choose to avoid those I don't like, and that's about it.
I try, very hard to do the "do unto others as you would have them do unto you thingee"

It's not my job to punish anyone for anything.
I avoid self-righteous A-holes and preacher types...
particularly those infected with the disease of religion.

In my life of experience, it's the religious types
who are the most disgusting of human beings.
I avoid people who follow a religion.

Pity will not help you so I don't offer any.
Encouragement, in the right way, can be helpful.

I offer encouragement, not blame, nor bullying.
That said, you'll have to work it to keep up with me.
We all need a little help, sometimes,
but I've not got time for the lazy nor dishonest.

I seem to be a bit of a loner,
don't quite fit in much of anywhere, but I don't bite.
I gots me a VERY loud bark, and I use it. I'm not noted for being quiet.

Show me what you've got. Prove to me you aren't an idiot.
I'll assume you don't know much of anything about anything
until you show me otherwise. I'm not saying I'm smarter than you
but I'll assume I am until you show me otherwise.

I usually, but not always, like smart people.
Smart isn't about WHAT you know or how much you know
but how you use the information you do have.

Information is of no use if you don't know how to use it.

You want real? Welcome aboard.

Earth is a living Hell. I'm trying to fix it as best I can.
You're welcome to help me try to save the stupid humans from themselves.

I'm quite the motor-mouth with LOTS to say.
I don't much give a crap what anyone thinks until they prove themselves to me.
Everyone is different, in some way, and equality is a social illusion.

Diversity is a GOOD thing. I'm not much like anyone.
Just accept that and we'll get along just fine.

I'm not better than you, nor anyone, but I'm a leader type
not a follower. You have to have some sense of purpose
to be part of my life. Follow me. We might both learn a few things.
I'm old, I hurt all the time, but I'm very fit. I'm 75 years old, now.
I'm quite busy with my life...
mostly working on my art and teaching myself to paint better.

Painting well is difficult but I'm working on it.
I'm not desperate for company and spend most of my time alone.
Not really a social type but a FWB would be nice. Sex with no emotional commitments.

What, exactly, are you trying to accomplish before you are dead?
So... how is THAT going? Got a plan?

From MY point of view, THIS LIFE is the ONLY life you have
so burn it to the max while you've got your chances.
Good luck... it's a vicious, vicious planet out there.


First of all... it's a very fast way to get the phonies and hypocrytes out of my life.
They leave on their own. Very convenient for me.
The could-have-beens self-eliminate themselves from my life.

You can't free yourself from your inhibitions
until you get over your nakedness. Your own nudity.

The naked human body can be a beautiful thing.
I enjoy being naked. I love having sex.

If you can't handle the nudity and openness about sex, we won't get along.
You've got WAY TOO MUCH growing up to do. I don't have the time to wait.

I'm old. I could be dead anytime. I'm busy trying to be useful... or having sex.
I have a Tenga Flip Hole Sex Toy which I use often. Sex is one of the few things
that make life worth living. Strangely, most are afraid to discuss or talk about it.
Me, I love sex and have no shame, nor fears, talking about it.

I provide thousands of naked selfies of myself
for FREE to view or download. I do this because
I know there are thousands, upon thousands, of lonely people
out there with little option but the internet to help their loneliness
and their sexual feelings and desires. If anyone finds me sexually "hot"
that's just fine by me. Happy orgasms.

I'm a very sexual guy and love sex. I'm not alone, that way, and
I have sex, with myself and my Tenga Flip hole most days... it's a sex toy for boys.
Yup... I like to blow my load once a day if I'm not too tired.

Most people know me as: "Butch".


Homepage of Vancouver Visual Artist, Terry David Silvercloud.

I'm not online but check my mail, often.
I don't own a smart phone and do not text.
Seriously... I DON'T TEXT.
Who has the time? Seriously. You might want to ask yourself THAT ONE.
You got some kind of loneliness or self-esteem issue that needs constant reassurance?

I go to the Downtown Vancouver Public Library often.
It's a good place to meet and talk to humans because there are
coffee shops in the Atrium, there.

You may contact me at this address.


Let the Duck find it for you.

Place "quote marks" around search terms
for more accurate/exact results.

"Butchy Poo, himself, Butch Naked himself, at home in his studio.
Terry David Silvercloud. Click on the image to enlarge.

Terry David Silvercloud... aka "Butch"

If you're seeing this, I'm probably still alive.
I'm old, 75 in Oct. 2019, and live alone. I spend my time painting
and thinking about things like Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

In the summer you will find me at English Bay, or Wreck Beach,
soaking up a few rays. I'm pretty easy to spot.
At Wreck Beach I usually hang at "The Oasis" (Gay Beach between Trail 6 and 7).
Wreck Beach is clothing optional... I go naked.

At English Bay I like the grassy area in front of the Hotel Silvia area
and will be wearing next-to-nothing bikinis. Almost naked.
Summer late afternoon to sunset is really nice. Take-out food is nearby.
Scroll to end of this page to see me in a bikini.

From October to April I spend my time working on my paintings
or making the occaisional video for ButchNews.com
I used to do a lot of nude selfies to post online but no longer do that.

FLICKR.com was sold and now requires $ to store more than 1,000 photos.
I'm not the type to pay to give my photos away for free.
FLICKR has not deleted any of my excess photos yet...
but, then again, I get more than 1,000 photo views a day.
Why kill the golden goose?

That said, there are thousands of nude selfies of me online at Flickr.com

Yup... you may download hi-res images of me naked and share them.
I encourage you to share lots of my naked selfies with the world.
See the link in the Quick Index, above, or look for links, below.

Scroll down for links to my various other sites.
All nude images of me are FREE to download and share... go nuts.
30 million photo views and counting. My dick is popular, it seems.

I'm a Queer man who likes skinny, fit, cut guys, usually younger.
Brains help but a sincere nature is more important.

When I was younger, other gay men called me a "chicken queen"
meaning I was attracted to younger guys. Apparently it's the
most common attraction among ALL age groups... attraction to
15-25 year olds. It has a name... Ephebophilia

Shirley Temple married her 24 year old boyfriend when she turned 16.
They had dated for a year.
Bo Derek, the actress, married at 16 to her mid 20's Movie Director husband.
They were together until he died at 71.
Some people have issues with an age gap between lovers.

Yes I'm attracted to younger guys, but age
is not an issue with me. Being in shape is.

Ya gots to be, and stay, in shape to be my boyfriend.
Seriously... take that one seriously.
No pain, no gain. Ya gots to work it to be around me.
David Silvercloud, aka "Butch" and "Butch Naked".


This button is keeping an eye on my site.
You may click on it, if you want.
Statistical data. Very exciting stuff if you like numbers.

I paint, write, do photography
and video in my old age.

I've been working on a large number of landscape paintings
in Acrylic Paint. Trying to learn to control the paint and colours
and to find/create my own style of landscape painting.

I expect to have that series completed by the end of 2019
and will get back to finishing a bunch of oil paintings.

I'm into sub-atomic particle physics.
I spend endless hours
thinking about things like Dark Matter/Energy.

I'm 75, Oct. 2019.
I wrote a book. Hasn't everyone?

The Shape of God...
you may purchase a copy HERE.

Or, download a FREE PDF copy
in zip file. It's a big book.
What have you learned today?

Butch is in the
City of Vancouver Archives.
Click on Archive Link, above.
There is more material...
Search for "Terry David Silvercloud".

Humans seem to have a lot of
issues, socially, around nudity and naked bodies.
I like seeing men naked
and find beauty in many of them.
You will find I address nudity
quickly by getting naked, myself.
It really does sort out
the wheat from the chaff.

Enter "David Silvercloud naked"
or "Terry David Silvercloud"
into a search engine
and look at the image results.
If you don't find me, I'm not doing my job correctly.

You may contact me at this address.