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You will find links to, and photos of, my art (my paintings).

I'm old (74)... it totally sucks. Don't recommend it, at all. I try to stay fit.

Terry David Silvercloud, Butch himself, at English Bay, Vancouver.

My art site. I'm working on improving it.
I hope to, soon, have easy links to pages with paintings
available for sale. Meanwhile, there are some links, below.

Yup... you may buy my art. I encourage it. Cheap, too. Get in touch with me.
I don't text and am reclusive, but easy to find.
I'm an artist of the poor variety so, to save money,
I don't have an internet connection, nor smart phone.
I check my mail, quite often, at the local library.
I'm quite friendly, overly talkative, but very reclusive.

Apparently, I'm very blunt about things
and might offend the sensitive types.
I'm known for male nude photography
and getting naked, myself. Yup, I get naked
and it's pretty easy to find my nude body online,
free to download and share. Go nuts.

I'm one of those weird ones out there
trying to change and save the world, all by myself.
I don't let other people's opinions get in my way.
I have no shortage of self confidence.

I like to call myself queer. I'm not gay, I'm queer.
I have learned I just don't fit the "gay" whatever it is.
The queer folks will understand.
I'm more at ease around guys than women.
I don't understand women one little bit... not at all.
And... I have trouble with average humans, too.
Don't really understand the humans, at all.

My life is all about my painting work, these days.
Dat's wut's I do to keep busy. It's a lonely life being smart and educated.
I like to learn new stuff all the time.
I'm trying to teach myself more about chromodynamics, these days.
Partons, and such... a way to quantify Quark/Gluon activity and such.

A way to quantify the stuff they see in Particle Collisions in an Atom Smasher.

I have my own theories about reality. Nothing is in conflict with current
laws and math, although the thinking is radically different.
Or, rather the way of thinking about things such as motion.

Gravity is push, not pull. Gravity is PRESSURE of displacement of
matter by particles larger than the "empty" space around them.
In theory, empty is a matter of relative size of the observer.
The universe obeys the laws of buoyancy and flotation where up and down
and "polarity" are determined by spin, resonant motion and shapes.

The Electron is a monopole, an Icosahedron in shape, which sets the speed of light
by its physical size and characteristics... being a monopole with spin.
Spin, as any physicist will tell you, immediately introduces symmetry and duality
into ALL of reality. It can't be stopped nor helped. It just is.
Which introduces a HUGE irony into an infinite reality... it has to have an eternal fight with itself.

Which reminds me...
I like to counter the quantum displacement (entanglement) misconceptions...
where something moving, anywhere, doing something, as it were,
affects all reality. There are limits and it ain't infinite, distance-wise.
The Second Law of Thermodynamics dictates it, the entanglement, may extend
only so far as the energy at the moment of creation. i.e. it runs out of gas.
Not really any different than a radio signal. It can go a long way, but the waves run out of energy.
All waves die. Dat's dat. Sooner, or latter, the connection will be lost.

Spin determines relative up and down and stuff like that.
Spin creates RELATIVE rest... sort of slowing down time/space.
Spin folds space and time.

The universe is a kind of FRACTAL place. FRACTALS?
Told you I'm weird. Yup... I spend my time thinking about such stuff.
A theoretical physicist, at heart.

So... if you wish to get in touch with me, my mail address is right below.
I have severe Arthritis but am still above ground and getting about.

I have spent much of my life in high end photography
but wanted to be a painter. I learned, early on, that making a living as a painter
would be difficult, if not impossible. Painting is not popular these days... digital art has taken over.
Few people understand art nor much of anything about it nor the history of art and painting.
Seriously... you don't know what you don't know.

Anyone and everyone can call themself an artist, these days,
and anyone and everyone does, it seems.
There's a lot of crap art out there... oh, right! It's ALL art, these days.
Everyone is famous for 15 minutes then forgotten, pretty much forever.
My point is that the Art World has changed, DRASTICALLY, since the turn of the century...
around the time GLICLEE prints were invented. Gliclee destroyed the modern art world.

If a painting doesn't have a FAMOUS or WELL KNOWN name attached, the re-sale value
is pretty much the cost of the canvas... you will have trouble selling it.
Most people donate the art to hospitals, etc., for the tax benefit.
That $5,000 painting won't get you $200 on the re-sale market if the artist is not known.
Painting is going through a slump not seen since the collapse of the Dutch art market
several hundred years ago. Buy what you like and can afford.
Artists are still alive and painting... but starving.

Paintings are expensive to make and difficult to sell to make any kind of income, or living.
Only large commercial art galleries survive. Those galleries do NOT depend upon art sales but make
their income through framing, leasing and rentals of art to the wealthy, and to large corporations and offices.

I call myself a visual artist because I work in all visual media.
Painting is one of my visual media and I do the best I know how to do.
You... the audience, will always be the judge and you will like what you like.
The more art you see, the more you know, the more critical you will become.

I am not, presently, represented by a gallery but my art is available for sale.

Terry David (Butch) Silvercloud
Theoretical Physicist, Photographer, Videographer, Painter in Oils, Alkyds, Resins, and Acrylics.

Quite friendly, not the least bit shy but very reclusive... doesn't much trust the humans,at all.

Butch likes to compare himself to Socrates
who's fellow citizens hated him so much they ORDERED him to KILL HIMSELF.
Didn't believe in the gods and asked too many questions.
Yup... democracy killed Socrates. Go figure.




You may find some information, about me, in the City of Vancouver Archives.

Some words from Aristotle...

"We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

"It is the mark of an educated mind
to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."

"The whole is more than the sum of its parts."

(Phycisist, Nobel Prize winning)

“Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts".

This is the art page of Terry David 'Butch' Silvercloud.

My name is Butch.

I live in Vancouver, British Columbia. I'm 74, born in Oct., 1944.
I'm very chatty... a real motor-mouth, but not very social.
I'm a scientist, at heart, (Dark Matter, Dark Energy and primal physics)... the nature of basic reality.
What is time? What causes the speed of light? That kind of thing.
Most people's eyes glaze over when I talk physics... they are lost and haven't a clue what I'm going on about.
I was a Naval Officer at age 19, and served in the Royal Canadian Navy
in the British and Canadian submarine services...
HMS Opportune, HMS Tiptoe, and HMCS Ojibwa. Yup... I drove ships and submarines.
While I had intended to become an engineering physicist,
life got in the way
and I followed a number of career choices
until I settled on high end
studio photography
and became a commercial photographer.

I retired in 1996 from photography and moved to Vancouver
to teach myself to paint and to work on personal projects...
mainly my photography and painting.

I always wanted to paint, and
have been teaching myself to paint since I retired.

I am a queer man with little interest in most social activities.
I'm so well educated in science and physics you can't much fool me about anything.
I know my science stuff... and have a very, very low tolerance for bullshit.
I don't suffer fools well and can be very, very, very blunt.
Or... why I avoid the humans.
I don't much have any patience for idiots.

I'm single and live alone.
I don't smoke, except pot, and don't drink, at all,
except for an odd glass of red wine,
now and then at a party or meal.
I am NOT vegan but don't eat a lot of meat.
I avoid fish because the oceans are so contaminated with heavy metals
that eating large fish is dangerous to your health. Sushi is dangerous to your health
if you eat it often. I never, ever, ever eat farmed fish... EVER.

I have no interest in gay bars, nor clubs.
I live alone in South Vancouver
where I spend my time painting.
I consider Earth to be a living hell which I wish no part of.
I don't like being alive and just make the best of it I can.
I barely tolerate the humans because I have to.
I don't tolerate pranks nor practical jokes... at all... ever.
I'm quite serious about that one. Pranks are bullying.
If you want me to disown you for all of eternity, that's a good way to start.
No time for morons.

Planet Earth is grossly overpopulated. As of Feb. 2019, we have about
If you crunch the numbers... do the math, you will find that, at best,
YOU have only about 300 feet by 300 feet of land to call your own.
There are, upon the useable and habitable lands of Earth, already about
50-90 people per square kilometre. There are too many people
for too few resources. Continuous growth is a ponzi scheme which
MUST collapse. The future is gonna be a whole new ball game.
Earth is a perfect hell.

Besides photography and painting, I also make videos for YouTube.
Too many to post here, but check out my channels.
Here is something to relax your brain...


I'm kinda like the teenager who forgot to grow up. I'm a regular motor-mouth
who never seems to shut up. It's OK to tell me to take a break... I know I'm a bit OCD.
I find people my age (I'm 74) are quite hopeless, most of the time... don't 'get me' at all.
That's OK. Life is lonely but I get by. I get along best with young guys who have a
sense of adventure and don't fear the world. Risk takers I call them. I'm a risk taker.
"Only those who will risk going too far
can possibly find out how far one can go." T.S. Eliot.
You'll be dead in no time at all. This life has no meaning except what you give it...
then you're gone... as in FOREVER,

Below... a day in my life.
I spend my days, alone, working on my art
exercising... I have severe arthritis
but am in pretty good shape.
I'm just keeping busy in my old age.
I'm, quite simply, not quite like
the average old fart, out there. I live in South Vancouver,
Marpole, we call it. Cheapest rent in Vancouver, proper.
I live near a train to downtown station... 15 minutes,
by train, to downtown, from the station.
Take a ride, with me, down to Granville Island and back to my home.
Hit the PLAY button, below. Get ready to dance.

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